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About BeauFish

Beau-Fish Worldwide, in its world of elegant aquatic ornamental tropical fish brings forth an exciting experience in the ornamental tropical fish rearing industry. We are dedicated to offering our best services, from quality breed to competitive pricing, with Beau-Fish, the possibilities are endless.

Beau-Fish Worldwide’s strategic geographical location forms a natural main hub for a wide variety of fish sourced from Malaysia and Asean Wide, giving us a competitive edge in terms of livestock and freight cost.

Beau-Fish has a modern facility with full cold room facilities to handle cold water shipments. Our extensive knowledge, supported by ten years of solid experience and hard work, we are ever ready to offer conditioning and quarantine. Our clients full confidence is sealed with our undivided attention on the health status by conductors diagnosis and treatment to ensure that the welfare of the livestock is well taken care of. In short, clients ordering from Beau-Fish has little to worry about their shipment. All deliveries, national and international alike, are marked with healthier fish from farm to destination.