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Website Re-Branding

Beaufish's new corporate style has been created to ensure strong and consistent branding for the many tropical fish that we export each year. This websites are designed to influence customer perceptions of Beaufish so the use of design, imagery and language that is clear, consistent and compelling is essential for Beaufish to communicate their work in a clear and distinctive way.

The application of a corporate style into a website as extensive as the Beaufish's requires careful consideration. During the redesign process worked with Beaufish's internal communication and web teams to ensure that the dual requirements of corporate re-branding and web accessibility were met. Beaufish identified the redesign process as the ideal opportunity to start building accessibility improvements to meet W3C priority 1 requirements. Over the coming months, further changes to the site architecture will be made to reach the next level.

Accessibility is now a standard criteria in all web projects Beaufish undertakes. Building in accessibility from the start is always the easiest route but any site that fails to meet current requirements can be improved quickly. Web accessibility compliance doesn't have to wait until you are 100% ready, some of your users will be pleased that you have made even a small start and have acknowledged that changes must be made.