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Packaging Technology

Our fishes are kept in quarantine tanks prior to export. A complete set of quarantine procedures are carried out for quality assurance. As each species varies in tolerance level to medication, treatments induced would therefore depend on the diagnosis carried out on the respective species. At Beau-Fish we understand the importance of quarantine therefore we excel to render our best quality in quarantine services. Our preconditioning for packing are carried out with 1-2 days of purging, observing and temperature control to slow down the fishes’ metabolism rate. This will lead to higher packing density with good landing conditions.

Pictures above illustrates packed fishes that has been graded and selected for export.

Complete coldroom facilities (as shown above) enables us to condition the coldwater fishes to optimum temperature before packing.

As noted in pictures above, all fishes are packed in a Styrofoam box to ensure proper protection against temperature fluctuation. The Styrofoam box are further protected by a corrugated cardboard box. Fishes are packed with double layered polyethylene bags with optimum packing density. Below are more pictures demonstrating our facilities and packing processes to ensure healthy stock deliveries.